Best Gaming Laptop Review 2018

Choosing the best gaming laptop is much more comfortable now. Before, laptops were not considered as a gaming gadget for a lot of reasons. However, with the advancement of computer technology comes the age of “gaming laptop,” this new promotion is steadily rising in fame as performance, and the gaming quality rises. Nowadays, a lot of gamers consider looking at a gaming laptop when searching for a perfect gaming gadget.

If you are one of those hardcore gamers who want to get a gaming laptop, take a look at these things that you need to consider when buying the best gaming laptop. You can buy an out-of-the-box gaming laptop, or you can create your own by going to the website of its manufacturer and customize your gaming laptop. Whether you buy a pre-assembled or a personalized gaming laptop, you still need to consider the following for your best gaming laptop.

1. Graphics
The heart of any gaming gadget is the graphics processing unit. It is a part of your computer which will make or break your fantastic hardcore gaming experience. If your graphics card couldn’t handle the games, then there isn’t any chance for you to play them. All laptops come with their own graphics card. What you need to look at is whether your best gaming laptop has a graphics card that doesn’t share with the functionalities of the whole system. The graphics card should have its memory on board.

Standard laptops don’t come with these kinds of video cards. Once you find one, put that computer in your candidates’ list for your gaming laptop shopping adventure. Don’t immediately buy the gaming laptop yet even if it has the video card which you are looking for. The best gaming laptop is not defined by the graphics card alone; there are still a lot of things that you should consider for your best gaming laptop. Let’s proceed to the next one.

Razer Blade 14 RZ09 Gaming Laptop

2. Random Access Memory (RAM) for your Best Gaming Laptop
Speed is King! If you want to play the latest games nowadays, then you have to make sure that you have enough RAM that can support the game. Most of the high standard games today need 1GB of RAM to run well with zero lag gameplay. If you want to play the latest games, then you better buy a laptop with a higher GB. The higher the number of GB, the better experience that you can get from your gaming laptop. You don’t have to worry though. Most gaming laptops come with 4GB and upgradable to 8GB.

3. Screen
You play games on your gaming laptop or any other gaming gadget because you want to see actions on the screen. But, how can you get an amazing gaming experience if your laptop’s screen can’t render your games? Well, you have the option of connecting an external monitor to it. If this is your situation, then you cannot play with your gaming laptop without the external monitor attached to it, right? Then, why bother with getting a laptop which has a display which couldn’t do the thing. You are buying a gaming laptop may be for mobility purposes, am I right? Therefore you should buy the one with a display that could support even the latest games.

There are a lot of things that you need to check when it comes to the screen of your gaming laptop. But, let’s not talk about every detail about it because what matters most is your gaming display preferences. Some gamers prefer the standard display while others like playing their games in widescreen. These different options for the screen have their advantages and disadvantages. The best way to get the feel of what’s the best display for a gaming laptop is to give the nearest computer store a visit. Try playing the latest demo games using different laptops with different screen preferences or attributes so that you can see which sizes, resolutions, viewing angles, and rendition fit your gaming preference.

4. CPU
The central processing unit (CPU) of gaming laptops is identical to the ones that you can find in desktops. Make sure you go for the latest processor. The 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors should be enough for any games.

But if you are customizing your own, do not be convinced right away by the latest releases of optimized CPU versions because it might just ruin the whole system of your gaming laptop. Follow the recommendations of the right motherboard and the right graphic cards that can be used together.

High-End Gaming Laptops

5. Hard Drive
Hard Drives come in a variety of capacity and speed. The higher the rate and size of your gaming laptop are the hard drives, the better the experience that you can get from it.

Best Gaming Laptop Summary

If you consider the above things when buying your best gaming laptop, then you would probably have a jaw-dropping game experience. Who wouldn’t? But the high is only the basics for your best gaming laptop. Once you have the basics covered, it will be easier for you to consider the rest such as the type of the “built-in speakers” or ergonomically backlit keyboards which allows you to play in the dark without any problems. Or whether the package comes together with a gaming mouse or just a regular mouse. How about a gaming mouse pad for your best gaming laptop? Ya, there’s more to consider when buying the best gaming laptop, but if you got the basics right, you just need to find your budget for the rest.

But nowadays, it is not difficult to choose the best gaming laptop. You have more choices even when you are on a tight budget.

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