BlackBerry Curve Review

A few days ago I went to the 02 shop and purchased another new phone, this time it was the BlackBerry Curve 8520 (I think I genuinely have OCD, I can’t keep the same phone for more than a month or two…Great for a review site!)

The Design 

First things first, I think it looks fantastic. It’s a smaller version of the BlackBerry Bold. I think it looks better than the Bold because of its smaller size and softer feel.

Like the Bold, it has the touchpad rather than the trackball which it took a few minutes to get used to but I quite like it, I think I can navigate the menus quicker with the touchpad rather than the ball.

The keyboard is perfect for me however it is slightly smaller than that of the Bold; I imagine if you have bigger fingers than mine then the keys may get a bit fiddly.

BlackBerry Curve

The Screen 

The display resolution is 320×240 pixels, and it’s safe to say that even though there are better resolution phones out there, this is by no means wrong. I have slowly used the phone for the past few days and at no time have I thought the resolution hasn’t been high enough. I think the sample pictures show off the best the phone can do and they are quite impressive to have as backgrounds.

The Software 

The phone comes with BlackBerry’s flagship OS 5.0. I realize that I am repeating what was in the review of the Bold, but it is straightforward to use. I can see why they are sticking with it. You can customise nearly every aspect of the phone right down to how many times the light flashes when it rings.

It comes with the usual apps like BlackBerry maps, Browser and of course the famous BlackBerry Messenger. I love the messenger and use it all the time. I like the new feature which allows you to add non BlackBerry contacts to the messenger, so you get most of the BBM features, but when you send a message, it is done through SMS.

The Phone 

If you haven’t realized already, I love this phone. The built-in WiFi is excellent and comes in handy when using BlackBerry services to save on sending data via the network. It has the usual features like Bluetooth and comes with a built-in modem so you can use it to connect a laptop or pc to the internet.

Unfortunately, this BlackBerry also suffers from the same SMS/MMS problem as the Bold; I can’t work out a way to see when a text was sent to me, only when I received it. It’s not that big of a deal however it’s the reason the phone gets 4.5/5 rather than 5. Its also the right the Bold reached the same mark!

The built-in music player is outstanding and comes in handy; I’m using it as I type this. The phone came with a 2GB memory card and had 256MB built in which coupled with the memory card is fine for what I need.

BlackBerry Curve review
The Camera 

The camera is 2.0 Megapixels which isn’t as good as a lot of the newer phones out today however the pictures it takes are just beautiful. I don’t see a need for a camera more than about 2 Megapixels, so I think BlackBerry has actually got it right, I guess it saves the user money, and at the end of the day the quality won’t matter unless you are blowing the image up larger than half a meter or so.

The Battery 

The battery time seems fine. I have slowly used it for a few days and only needed to charge it this morning. It loads pretty quickly and has a standby time of 408 hours.


Overall I love this phone. It has so many features, and the only downside is that mentioned about the SMS/MMS which again, isn’t the end of the world. For the price I paid, I am more than happy!

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